I Want A Girlfriend

i want a girlfriend so bad i think am going mad, in my whole life time i only been with one girl. Am bi when i came to the US i thought i would find a girl but i didn't. I haven't been with a girl over five years now i only been with boys, even when am with a guy its hurt so bad cuz i know its worng to be with a guy. i dont even think am that good looking, so i dont know what to do. Right now am having the feeling to been with a guy but am fighting it i dont thing i can hold on any longer, can someone help me PLEASE.
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2 Responses Jul 22, 2010

theyre both right. theres an experience group called i want a boyfriend... i dont know why none of the other girls who are lonely and unloved like me dont check here... you dont have to be romantic, trust me. i AM a girl. girls want someone to connect with them emotionally. and you my friend have that. like most people out there... youre lonely. let a girl see that... and theyll be dying to be with you. after all, lol, its usually the boys with a sad story girls love.

I agree.

There is such a small amount that people can do on here. What i can tell you is, go out and talk to people. you think a girl is good looking, go talk to her. be quick on your toes, and speak well thought words. I'm a romantic, so have these talents, but you can have them as well with practice. Don't give up, and don't let go, you'll find someone provided that you don't stay all cooped up and go outside and do something! yea?