Not Sure What To Say

I'm a guy who enjoys the simple things, like a nice walk in the woods or a thunderstorm, to the complex, like technology and intense psychological issues. I've never had any luck with finding the right girl, not because of my standards, but because I have actually seen what the girls around me are really like. Superficial, lying, cheating, and deceiving are just a few of the words to describe them. I kinda gave up for a while, but now I miss what I never had. Someone to hold, someone to love, someone I can relate to for once. Probably won't find anyone here (judging by the picture for this group) but thought I'd try. I'm just an average guy, but I open up when you get to know me. 
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7 Responses Aug 9, 2010

There is a girl out there who enjoys the same things you do. Who will like you for who you are. <br />
Just don't give up and give it some time, she will come around =)

Funny funny MaikoKairrion. Don't get me wrong, I grew up around the water, but there is just something about be surrounded by a forest that wakes something up inside of me. I feel like no matter what, I can't get hurt, tired, or bored. You'd be a good friend to have.

Walking in the woods instead of the beach? You got me there, I hate beaches and love woody areas. But I suppose we can be friends, if you like. I'd like to think I fit the criteria.

Yeah, I figured as much. You don't seem like a stuck-up person soharu. Good guys finish last, and only when (most) women, especially in my experience, feel that they are tired of sleeping around, then we have a shot. We're the back-up plan, as it were, and it isn't a good feeling. <br />
<br />
And life, it has a habit of kicking me when I'm down and forcing me to do things others want. I've never been able to feel happy on my own so far. The last happiness I felt was on painkillers, because they made me forget the world around me. Ah, good times. <br />
<br />
Also also, I knew you were a girl by the way you phrased your first comment. I'm just that good at reading into people.

From a selfish perspective, I guess it's a good thing that good guys finish last. More for the nice girls to choose from. Can you imagine if all the good guys were sucked up? We'd having nothing left but jerks.

nooooooooooo. look it up. theres 1080 girls like that... and still growing. my school is a lot different than yours. where all the guys go after the pretty ones, and ignore people like me. whoever that is. <br />
<br />
and sorry if i offended you. :(. i was trying to say that theres a lot of suffering girls out there that people dont notice. i was not trying to say you were one of those people. now that i read over it, i see why... i worded it wrong i guess. sorry. i didnt mean to insult you! <br />
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btw.. youre right. life isnt that easy. i know... really. i dont know what its like for you, but its just hard to believe that such good guys have that kind of trouble. after all... im not a guy.

I take it that soharu is calling me shallow, or some other insulting thing. Not sure, insomnia is a terrible thing. But, there were two girls I've found that match your descritption... in my entire life. Both were taken, so I don't have many options. Sorry, but life isn't that easy soharu, hope you learn that some day.

i hate those stupid jerks. the girls that pretend theyre stupid. theres a bunch of girls like that at my school. they all have to wear mini skirts and stilettos just to make themselves feel pretty. <br />
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and want to know what a lot of girls wonder? why guys like you dont talk to the average girls who dont lie or cheat or look and act like a barbie girl... the girls who want someone to hold them, someone to love them... and someone they can relate to.