I Want

I want someone to kiss at midnight on New Years Eve. I want Valentines Day to actually mean something. I want to hold someone tight. I want someone to help me weather out this storm called life.

It's been well over a year now that I've been single. I calculated it out, something like ~98% of my life I've been alone.

I hate it.

Every time I wake up or go to sleep I think about it. Every time I try to push it from my thoughts it seeps back in. Every time I see see a couple holding hands or laughing or kissing it's just another reminder of my failures. Every time a girl glances at me in passing I fall in love for the three seconds it takes to for her to walk past me. Every. Single. Time.

I miss having something to look forward to. I miss someone actually giving a **** about what I did that day, or some stupid little story about something that happened. I miss being able to make someone I cared about happy just by being there. I miss feeling so alive. I miss it and I want it back.
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29 Responses Dec 28, 2007

This is from a guys point of view... now just imagine it from a girls point of view and you'll know i want the EXACT same thing, and i say it all the time.

Really lovely that you came out and said it though :)

I love this.

the way you speak in your post, I know I would be lucky to find someone like you! The perfect girl will be there :) who knows! Maybe she's on here!

Your version is my current status and believe it or not, I do have someone to hug. So, I think it is maybe a mind state at some time of of life. I have always thougth I feel that way because my partner spends all his positive energy with his son and we ended living like 2 good friends. <br />
So in my mind, as you described, I am always thinking about that special one who make me blosom and make me feel kind of Titanic Movie love or simply a cyberpal who make me feel like Meg Ryan in You've got email. <br />
Finally, I think most of the feedback you had received from most of those who had posted a comment is the escence of what your feelings are. It may be worthy to know, ♥♥You Are Not Alone!♥♥

Wow i totally feel that way, U pretty much said it.

i know what you mean. am so lonely, i have so much love to give but nobody to give it to. i need to feel loved. i want to hold hands, to kiss and giggle, i want to just lie on the couch and watch movies. i want to call him and tell him i got to work ok. i so need that someone special...

I want a new man. I want to be romanced. I want a Valentines Day, I want Christmas, and I don't want to be made to feel guilty for wanting to go out to dinner on my birthday.<br />
I want someone that is happy just to see me happy. That cares about me and WANTS to make love to me. I want someone that will never call me names or insult me.<br />
<br />
I swear I feel like I'm looking for a miracle. Like I'm asking too much. It's not fair.<br />
<br />
I know how you feel. Just be yourself and exemplify the characteristics you are looking for. It may feel impossible but you will find someone. And so will I. :)

Holy Christ! You and I are very painfully similar my friend, ouch! Hope you and me find someone...

Where can i find a girlfriend?

i like/agree with what kitten wrote. I always wanted a boyfriend.. or just someone. anyone. but first of all, i believe when you are always looking, you won't find what you're looking for so when you accept being alone, then people may come along. and also, sometimes its better that way cause then you've avoided the heartbreak from all the "wrong" people and the person that will be lucky to be with you may be the right person. I finally decided maybe the reason i haven't found anyone is i'm not ready for a relationship. and knowing you got through some of life without someone else will just make you prouder in the end. i think the best thing to do is accept the moment. accept where you're at. And its okay to hope, but trust that everything will fall into place on it's own. i really love this song called "cinderella" and a line is " don't wanna depend on no one else, i'd rather rescue myself" <br />
:) love yourself<3

been there mate. im still there.wathing happy couples kissing cuddling and theres me the loner behind them alone in my own world just wanting a girl so much so badly.its not even about sex its sharing something with someone,coming home from work and someone is there.i look at girls and fall in love all the time but they dont seem to like me

this is my life story. honestly. i know how u feel. to me i feel like every second i am wasting, when i could be with my lover, and everytime i look good, i want a lover to see me that way or i feel like wots the poinnt in everyday, no point at all, i feel empty n alone, so much so, i push ppl who try to be close 2 me away.

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You'll find 'her' WMYTIN, you *will.* And she'll be damned lucky too! :)

gotta say being alone is very depressing.. yeah having a partner isn't always great but for the most part it is.. here's hoping for all the singles out there that want to find a significant other!!!

Whenever I have felt like that I began to contemplate the population of the world. I always thought one of them has to be for me. I swear I meet people everywhere. It never ceases to amaze me. I put myself in as many social situations as I can dare to tolerate. I try to talk to people when I am able. You seem like a kinda and clever gent. I agree with what many have said friends and taking things slow are best. It will come to pass when you least expect. Good luck!

i think most people have that time in their when they're feeling absolutely, unequivocally alone. i know i have.<br />
the thing about love is, it drops in exactly when you least expect it. if there's a girl out there who is perfect for you, and i KNOW that there is, then you two will find each other in time. maybe tomorrow or maybe in a year, but it will happen.<br />
i know it's hard to be patient, but just know that things will get better and have faith.<br />
you seem like a sweet, honorable, and genuine guy. i know you're exactly the person that some equally sweet girl is looking for.

Hmm... you make a good point...<br />
<br />
Fine, ill bring out my anarchy rant. Doesnt get much bigger than removing all forms of government =p

Lol, I bet its not match for my Guantanamo rant =p

im with dcycnic. being a friend is the best way. all my boyfriends have been good friends first. people who i never felt anything for at first until i saw what amazing people they are.<br />
as for 'When I make eye contact with someone I think, "is that her?" '. Im exactly the same<br />
It gets even worse if they smile at me. Or compliment me. And if we have a conversation then Im sold. If the conversation is on guitars, music, Shakespeare or Eliot, or politics, then I'd probably marry the poor guy...

awww : )

having a partner is not always that great anyway.

Depends on the partner ☺

Of course looks aren't the only thing that counts. All I'm trying to say is that the initial attraction guys feel for girls are based on their looks, whereas girls mostly don't get interested in a guy by just looking at him at first. The inside is important too, of course it is. And I disagree that those dvds teach guys how to be jerks. Then you haven't listened properly. What they do is teaching you how to have more self confidence, not only around women, but in everyday life too. You can have good self esteem without being an *******. Just my 2 cents.

this is going to sounds like a longshot, but it is what i have seen happen time and time again in my life and the lives of others. <br />
be happy with yourself. make a life for yourself. people will get attracted to that person and that life and then you can decide who will be a happy addition to your already happy life. you dont need an other as much as you imagine. <br />
i had been married young and he left me. it was a shock because i really thought we were happy. we were looking for a house. i felt like a failure. i failed at a marriage. and i knew that i would be alone for a long time. i was single and celebate for 7-8 years. i did not date. and i had started believing that i might always be alone. and that actually became an ok prospect. i just carved out my life, realizing that the person you can most count on in this life is yourself.<br />
i found out what i like to do. i did what makes me happy. i decorated how i wanted it. i ate what i wanted to eat. i saw the films i wanted to see. basically, i finally found out who i am. <br />
eventually, unexpectedly and when i was least looking, i became penpals with certain someone who i wrote to for a year. eventually we married. we have been together for 10 years in february.<br />
i believe that there is someone out there for everyone. and it works out better when you can love them without desparately needing them.

Man, I know how you feel. I also know that those DVD's are worthless, and they cost alot. All they do is teach guys how to be jerks and dump the girl. Don't go out and buy DVD's. <br />
<br />
Just be a friend. It'll pay off one day, hopefully. I've been single all my life too. Don't worry. We're in the same boat. Nice guys usually finish last, but sometimes... We finish first.

You said that you fall in love with women in three seconds after you see them. That's not true. You are not in love, you are merely feeling physical attraction, which is something else. Males and females are very different beings. Males are attracted to physical beauty above all else. The personality of the girl does not matter a lot as long as she is good looking, it's the truth. Women, on the other hand, are primarily attracted to the personality traits and behaviour of men. And that is good! That means you don't have to look like Johnny Depp or Orlando Bloom to get yourself a girlfriend. All it takes is self improvement and changing the way you think and the way you see yourself.<br />
<br />
I would recommend that you check out the dating dvds and ebooks by David DeAngelo. He is a dating guru and you can learn how to improve yourself so that you BECOME attractive rather than trying to MAKE women feel attraction to you by using simple pickup lines. Words are about 7% of your communication on the dating scene, there is a hidden language that is spoken using voice level and body language. It is crucial that you are happy with yourself and your model of reality. Why? Because everyone creates their own model of reality and you can't make your reality seem attractive to others if you are not happy with happy with it yourself. Eliminate the thought of failure. Failure does not exist. It is just an opportunity to learn something new. Always behave like YOU are in control. Be calm at all times. OVERLY calm. Two personality traits that can be combined with powerful effect is being cocky and funny at the same time. Cocky and funny. I could go on and on. I am SERIOUS about this, you should definitely check out his material! David DeAngelo. I am watching the Double Your Dating dvds where he talks about his experiences and has guest speakers come and share their knowledge about how the male and female mind works. I have learned so much.

I have been single for 100% of my life. And sometimes I feel like it's been so long that I'd be incapable of being with someone, because I'm so used to being alone. Seeing couples together, romance, etc. can make me feel sick at times- partially because it reminds me of what I don't (and feel like I can't) have, and partially because it seems like so many people take their significant other for granted and don't appreciate them like I would, if I had one.

Dude, you just wrote my life's story. But i'm optimistic, for the both of us. They're out there, we just have to go out and find them.

I want a boy friend.. more than anything in the world.<br />
<br />
It's gotten to the point where I actually HATE seeing couples holding hands, kissing, etc.

awe.. i want a boyfrined.... grrrr.... dont worry your not alone...and when you do find someone it will make it all more the bittersweet...; ) at least thats what i tell myself...