I Miss Having Someone To Hold

So here I am,
I'm tired of the game, I'm tired of waiting, but I will, as long as I have to. For someone to share my heart with, my thoughts with. Someone to love and Cherish. Someone that makes my heart pound with a single look. Someone I can say " I love you" to and have them never tire of hearing it. Someone to help me believe in fairy-tales again. I'm not looking for perfection, your imperfections are what makes you perfect. I just want to find someone who wants to hold my hand, who wants my arm around her. Someone to laugh with and be silly with. Someone who feels safe enough to cry in my arms. Hopefully someone I can see the future with... I''ve had this all before and miss it more than I can say. I miss feeling the warmth and tenderness of falling asleep with the woman I love in my arms. I miss the subtle communications. I miss Knowing she is my world and believing I am hers... LOL I miss having people look over and meeting their glances thinking with a slightly cocky smile "yeah, that's right, she's MY GIRL"

I just want someone to curl up with, someone to drag around doing annoying errands with, someone I can tell anything to and have her know she can tell me anything too. Someone who will want me all to herself. Someone I can't stay away from, someone that dosen't want me to anyways!  Someone who will figure out my weaknesses and know just how to push my buttons to get exactly what she wants LOL. Someone that is crazy enough to think that I'm as perfect as I think she is. Some that need my love as much as I need hers. Someone  That wont break my heart AGAIN!... preferably.
Poodlelez Poodlelez
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this is beautiful :)

Im 13 year old boy and want the same thing more than anything else in the world ill probably never get it but if I had one wish that would be it.

Of the many experiences I have read, this was the one that made me join my very first group and post my very first story.... I hope you find your girl, she waiting for your arms to rest on the small of her back. <3

I think that sums it up perfectly...


LOL... aww *rubs your belly* ;P

woof woof!!<br />
<br />
whine whine : (..

Perfect formula for ideal girlfriend;) <br />
<br />
Well...my lovely ogjm you forgot something;) yours has also to be intellectually compatible with your beautifully intricated mind;)

I love your story and I think all of us (well I know I do) dream of being so in love with a women as you described or being loved by a women as you described.

love it

Nicely put, Poodlelez. Don't we all want the same girlfriend? :)

I like your story