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Not Complete

I think my life isn't complete until I have an emotional relationship with a girl I love. I've been so afraid of being emotionally hurt that I haven't committed emotionally to a girl in a long time. I don't like showing my weakness but I am scared of a woman hurting me or playing with my feelings. But at the same time I want to love again and fall in love again I love the feeling, you can say I love loving a woman unconditionally.
I have to pass my fears and toughen up so I can let a woman complete me, find my soul mate and who knows maybe the one.
aroundhere aroundhere 22-25, M 2 Responses May 16, 2011

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Thanks for your kind words :-)

you will find her. i have been hurt, am broken, but hey, am alive! and looking forward to the future, hopeful that it will bring love, and that it will bring me to the love of my life, who will love me unconditionally,and be there to accept what i have to offer. hang in there.