I Hate Being Single

Well I'm 15 and got out of my first relashonship 2 months ago. I dumped her because I wanted a real relashonship dating her as just like being her friend(but she hugged her friends more lol I sound jealous I didn't mind her hugging them it was not hugging me that was the problem). She never trusted me and all we really had was me saying corny cute stuff. I learned a few things in that relashonship.

1. I'm a helpless romantic and not many teen girls like dating people like that.

2. I need someone who cares.

3. I need a nerdy girl.

4.I need someone who will hug and cuddle.I don't care if they are uncomfortable doing anything more because I'm just happy as long as I can be close to someone and show them love.

5. I love you means different things to everyone.

6. I need someone fun and crazy but still mature.

So as you see I learned a lot which I why I don't regret going out with her but now I am being reminded how much it sucks being single. I am dying to cuddle up to someone. I want someone I can trust and talk to. So if you live in or around Glasgow and your around my age come have a chat and hay even if you live far away I just like to talk to people. :p
teenkitten13 teenkitten13
13-15, F
May 30, 2011