Why Are Girls Soo Bitchy To Go Out With Me

I am 20 and throughout my entire life, I have been a good, well rounded individual who just needs some non-familia love,intimate love to be precise. I have always have attracted girls, but they always only want to be friends with me, not something more serious, like a FWB or a GF!!!! I am of mixed origin (Pakistani, Iranian, Russian/Kazahk and Saudi) so everyone used to think I looked Italian or French when I was a kid, but once I hit puberty, I started to be more focused on my studies and less on my physique ( not fat, but just unfit). Thus many girls (even the plane jane ones) would go out with the Model-like figures and not me!!! I am a kind person, but it never seems to break the friends zone with a girl and start something fun!! Please help, I am already having a dilema between my cousin-gf and it is getting akward in the family, hence I need a gf to settle things down (and hopefully settle me down ;-) :P ) !!!!!
HSukhoi HSukhoi
Oct 28, 2011