Maybe, Someday...

I want a girlfriend, someday. Women are so soft and beautiful, y'know? I just wanna snuggle with one <3, you know, on a cold winters day, next to a fireplace, underneath tons of blankets. I wanna do all sorts of cute things with her (take cute pictures of ourselves with my nikon, make her favorite desserts, beat up meanies that make her cry (rhetorically or physically, her choice), doodle up cute thank you cards, etc) , and show her how thoughtful I am. I want her to like me for me, and care about me. Maybe this stems from the lack of care and constant absence of my parents, and the negative attention I get now from guys.... so... I'm hoping she won't use me. But, I hope, someday, when I find her, (or when she finds me) that, we can be happy together. :)
Fuzzies Fuzzies
61-65, M
Nov 29, 2011