No Girlfriend

i feel depressed cause i cant get a girlfriend everytime a girl has been interested im to shy to do enything about it or when i do try i always seem to mess it up ive got now job am an alcoholic i cry myself to sleep most nights i feel ugly and worfless ive triend everything but nothing seems to help single life does suck big time
sparky sparky
18-21, M
1 Response Nov 23, 2006

wow--the girls u meet and feel u messed up with, must be related to the guys i meet! sheeeesh---i am not witty enough for them, say the wrong thing when i meet them--i dont know---they act like i have swine flu. yet i see ppl in relationships who are not half the person i am. maybe relationships are mainly for snooty perfect people! which--if thats what i'd have to become to get someone serious about me--forget it! please try and ease up on yourself--maybe you are meant for bigger things than the average hum-drum, boring half of some couple. yawn. your special someone will come along eventually and will doubtlessly be worth the wait!! it is a credit to you that you are not together with someone just to avoid being alone. you are much stronger than most people.