No Girlfriend

i feel depressed cause i cant get a girlfriend everytime a girl has been interested im to shy to do enything about it or when i do try i always seem to mess it up ive got now job am an alcoholic i cry myself to sleep most nights i feel ugly and worfless ive triend everything but nothing seems to help single life does suck big time
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Dude were the same person. lol. Ive always had a problem breaking the ice, a big problem that i learned about myself is that i have very low confidence in myself and that is a big problem in why i cant get a girlfriend, and ive 'hooked up' with a few random drunk girls at parties but there was no connection or relationship involved in that. And recently ive had an even harder time with my confidence and really bad shyness and cant seem to take that first step when approaching girls. Even when they approach me i just freeze up and screw everythin up.And i dont really find solice in alcohol, i smoke alot of weed tho, it seems to help calm me down<BR><BR>Try to figure out what you are doing wrong<BR>Attempt to learn how to fix that<BR>Work on your confidence and shyness<BR>Most imortantly, you cant love someone else until you love yourself<BR><BR>Goodluck and I hope everything works out for you<BR><BR>-Nauraushaun

Hey dont beat urself down about it. Youll find that perfect girl

man i know exatly what you mean, im the same, and it gets to me too i drink myself numb too..

I know how you feel... I'm not shy, but I get screwed too. I wish you lots of luck.

You have to be happy with yourself before you can be happy with someone else. You should work on that first

eey boy, keep your head high :) you're not the only one... remember girls are shy too ;)<br />
hope you'll find your match!<br />
take care xx

Hmmm... I'm sure being straight up and getting knocked back if you do is way better then going all alocoholic and depressed. Stop being shy. There's a girl out there, that's missing out on having an opportunity with you! Tell her!

Ya dude , dont give , im the exact same as u , im too shy to ask a girls out or to do anything , but i still didnt give , dont give , keep going , you will find ur match one day.