I Want A Girlfriend That's All

I want a girlfriend that's all I ever wanted. I was made to be the perfect boyfriend/husband. I am the product of a single mother she showed me affection hugs and kisses which is how I show affection. I just need 1 chance I was made to be the perfect boyfriend/husband I KNOW I was one chance is all I need just one
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Sounds like me. Maybe it's the lack of a father that makes someone gunshy about relationships (so not dating much), but aware of how much love we have to offer.

Yeah couldn't agree more

Most men are dogs, Some women are *******. This is the way things are in the 21st century.

Eager rabbit aren't you? Rabbits, always looking to make more rabbits.


It's rare to find guys who believe strongly that they're the perfect boyfriend/husband material.
I'll admit you've got me curious... :)

Well then my name is Andrew and its nice to meet you :)

Add me message me & send a pic :)

i feel the ssame, just opposite...

we think on the same way, so think this dude: if we are single, the girls are missing a good chance, however we shouldn't push girls to be our soulmates only because we belive we are a nice choice

I am taking applications ;)

okay let me send you my resume :)

Capital idea!



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Now, I know I'm not all-knowledgeable of the world, but I'm not as small-minded as expected to be. Your age group defines you as plenty of different people, but mostly young. At this point, you could know what you what kind of career you want, or you could just be getting down he basics of what you like. Either way, your on the right track. But as far as a girlfriend goes? Don't rush it! Sure you feel like it's your time and you just need once chance to prove yourself but is it really worth it? Look, it sounds to me like you could put passion and interest into something more satisfying. Odds are, if you haven't dealt with the full relationship experience: from the honeymoon phase to the nasty break up, your gonna be MORE heart broken when it ends. Because your going to fall head over heals for a girl who can walk away at anytime (especially if she's had dating experience). So don't rush yourself into what will wind up being not-so-great. And if you wait it out, calmly and positively, you are going to meet a woman who you can love uncontrollably and unconditionally and she will appreciate and cherish every moment of it.

Ok thank you :)

If you really want to be a good boyfriend or husband to a nice girl who deserves that don't waste your time on anyone who just wants to "play"... But if you want that then choose that but don't try to have both :) I wish I had known that 10 years ago! If you really have a great deal to offer then don't ever settle for anything less :) <br />
<br />
And single moms are awesome, huh? I know I am! lol At least my daughter thinks so.

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Ok :)

Wat?R u in th beggin mode?Haha...ok....really?

yeah I don't care at this point I'll get on my knees and beg

Well........you will get a chance.

I hope so

Hang in there kid, she's looking for YOU :-)