Dont Get Me Wrong.

Single life is alright. You have more time and all that. But Im tired of it. Im really dying for a girl to spend my life with. Not to the point where Im so desperate that Ill hook up with any random girl though. I want someone who likes me. Someone who understands me. Someone who cares about me. Someone I can share anything with. Someone I can hold and someone I can shower with affection and love. Someone I can call or text just to say I love you. Im getting lonelier everyday but there are stil boundaries I wont cross. Id rather be single than break my own morals.
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1 Response May 7, 2012

What catches me here is the last line, "rather be single than break my own morals" is an EXCELLENT way to look at this. My roommate has been struggling with that; he's had his share of one night stands, but he's starting to realize he can't keep doing that if he's looking for a good, full relationship.<br />
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Always remember that someone else out there is looking for you, just as much as you're looking for them, and it's only a matter of time till you find them. :)

Time is the problem. Everyday hurts more and more. Thanks though

That's totally understandable too. Having to wait for something that you really really feel like you need is hard, but it's not impossible! Just have faith, in yourself and in the fact that it's bound to happen. Just have faith!