Hello my name is David im new to this site this is my experience about finding the right girl i only had one girl friend in my life and i feel that's im a great guy funny, caring but some how i cant find the right girl to be with and that makes me feel really sad inside i go to school/work ever day and i always think about how i cant find the right person to be with i always see people getting together at fist i didn't mind but as things go on i start to feel jealous wishing it was me i also think even if i were to have some one i may not able to hold on to them because i don't feel that i have anything of value at the end of the day i this want some one to be with me some one to talk to and share my feeling with they can trust me and i can trust them. i live in New York with there so many people but some times the simple thing are the hard is to find. if you happen to live in New York PM. me LOL
David1006 David1006
22-25, M
Jul 1, 2012