I am 16, I am a successfull student and track runner, but I have never been approached by any girls or asked anyone out. I just want someone to say they want me. Someone I can hold and kiss and hug, and truly be accepted by. I know guys should ask girls out, but seriously not one girl has ever taken intrest in me.
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7 Responses Jul 16, 2012

I'll date you. :)

It may take a while, but one day girls will start to be interested in you:-) im 16 too and have the same problem, except with guys. I think its cause youre too unapproachable-thats what some people have told me. You know that youve done so much and act different than other guys your age that it scares them off. You probably have someone too shy to say they like you out there:-)

Bet your wrong, athletic people ALWAYS 100% have a crush somewhere. I can bet you my soul haha

you are so young:)<br />
try not to worry<br />
it will happen for you I am sure<br />

If it`s at least a little possible, try to ask some girl out. it`s ok in this age i think. they may be shy too. and also, girls are generaly not so open in making first contact. I wish you luck!

Maybe you're too awesome tht girls are afraid to approach u? Idk bout other girls bt for me, I wld settle for an average guy with a talent. (main pt: an average guy)

That is sad.