I'm one of those old fashioned romantic types. I love the idea of doing romantic things for someone I love. I love the idea of snuggling on the couch watching a movie after I make a candle lit dinner for a wonderful girl because she deserves it. I'm not broadcasting myself out for a girlfriend. Someone may or may not come along on their own. This is more of a sharing moment. I would love to have a girlfriend. I'd love to have my first kiss finally, cuddle, snuggle, hold hands in public and anything else a couple could think of. It's something that just sounds so amazing to me. I've always wanted to be a wonderful husband one day and want to feel loved, wanted and accepted for me. It's something I figured must not exist for me. That's my short story of why I myself want a girlfriend. Take it how you wish.
Frost119 Frost119
26-30, M
Jul 27, 2012