Gabby And Me

I was 15 and strong willed. Wouldnt have sex with a girl till i was married. Till one day i strolled upon the cutest blonde girl with the best smile ever on my way to get spaghetti sauce haha. She was with her boyfriend so we couldnt flirt but i knew she wanted to. It was love at first sight literally. She broke up with her bf 2 weeks later and we started seeing eachother. Started dating. Meet eachothers parents. Became bestfriends and spending everyday with eachother. Had a first kiss and bam, we needed more. She moved, we could only see eachother on the weekends. So we needed to live it up as much as we could. We only had one idea though, unfortunately (or fortunately) our parents found out. We were forced to break up. Ive DEFINATELY learned what i did wrong. It was so akward having to parents everything. I vowed to never go that far until i was married or in a mature realationship. I miss her a little, and i want that feeling back. We had fun while we were together and id love to have another girlfriend who would be just as fun. I miss being in a relationship. Now im 16 and no ones really appealed to me. I have really high standards. Haha
20cincireds12 20cincireds12
18-21, M
Aug 2, 2012