Never Had A Girlfriend.

I'm 20 and I've never had a serious girlfriend. Have had a few girls I hang out with, and hook up occasionally, but thats it. And it's rare. Nothing really wrong with me, it was just never my thing back in high school, I played sports and when I wasn't doing that, I was into painting. Spray Paint x Canvas being what I spent most my time on. I just never really cared, or wanted it. I liked spending my time painting and that's about it.

Now I'm getting older, and it sucks how I didn't give a **** or even try to have a girlfriend back then, and no I feel socially retarded when it comes to it. I don't really still give a ****, I just wanted to get it out. Thanks for reading.
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3 Responses Dec 3, 2012

I'm in a very similar situation mate. But In the end, I guess the best we can really do is to keep going... what else right? Can't just stop now or we'll never get what we want.

your only 20, is not that bad, you just got to let it happen, as much as it sucks waiting...try to get into something you enjoy and meet ppl that way...

I never had a girlfriend either, except I'm way worse than that, I'm 30 and never hooked up, held hands, dated, kissed or did anything with a girl. I had social anxiety, now that's gone and I have to figure out the mystery of dating women. You aren't "socially retarded" for worrying about dating too little sometime in the past. Get into it, you're only 20, I have to figure out everything for the first time at 30 which sucks even more, would suck alot less if I could go back to 20. Don't be me and wait that long, find the girl that you just like to hang out with because you enjoy each other.