Missing Something I Haven't Had Yet

Well, I haven't had the best luck with getting A decent girlfriend lately....In all honesty, the last girlfiend I had cheated on me and kinda tore my trust into pieces. I'm 20 years old and have been in only one serious realtionship, which ended up being 2 years of wasted time. It is possible that I may find another GF outside the net, but idk if its me or etc..but apparently I can't pick them very well.. I pour everything i've got into a relationship, because i expect the same back..but unfortunately I haven't gotten what ive put in so far. Are there even any women out there who actually like guys who are 100% honset and put everything they've got into trying to have a healthy relationship? I'm sick of trying to have a serious relationship and putting all you've got into it, when the woman just wants to beat around the bush and play games. You hear alot of women complain about how theres no decent guys left that are single, but it seems that if women aren't treated like ****, they don't want you as a partner, which goes against all my common sense, it really does. It seems as time goes on, the less chance I have to actually be truly happy and to enjoy life with somone special...I want honesty, companionship, someone to spill ur soul to..and still accept you for the person you are..Someone to sit down and watch a comedy with..Yet at the same time, be able to talk so sincere and to use each other as a rock..To have such a hard and exausting day of work, only to feel 100% rejuvinated once you lay eyes on that person and without words, she lets you know you can relax..I don't want any relationship purely for my benefit..I want have a 50/50 relationship..to feel as much love and care as I give out..I don't think I've ever truly felt that before...Are there even any women like that anymore?
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Oh, and as for the "girls only like guys who treat them like ****", that's close but not quite right. Girls are just as competitive as guys (probably more so), and a guy who is a challenge is "obviously" a good catch, whereas a guy who loves you unconditionally is BORING. It's ****** up, but that's how it works. So even if you really like the girl, play "hard to get" (and flirt with other girls) and see how that works for you.

In your age range, most people aren't really looking for "true love" just yet. Remember the song "Girls just wanna have fun"? I recommend having the same attitude - date lots of girls, just for the fun of the experience. If you happen to find your soulmate, great; if not you'll have had fun and you'll have learned a lot more about yourself and what you want in a girl and perhaps in life in general. And that, my friend, is a very important thing to know!

I dated plenty through school and right after...I didn't feel like getting into something serious until after I graduated and started working..What you described about the competitive thing..To me that just seems like childish school ****..Not saying you're wrong, but it's childish to me..That's the way it was in school..Id hate to think women still have the same maturity mind-set as they had in high school. I don't plan on having "unconditional love" right out of the gates..Obviously something like that would take awhile to happen...I've been through the dating where you use a cold shoulder, and it seems to make the girl want you more...It really just isn't my thing. I'm ready to buckle down and really just dive into life and my career...When you know what you truly want, to compete for someone is just redundant...The qualities you look for in a person are there or they're not...I've been in a situation like that where girls had jealousy towards each other and kind of competed over me..To me it didn't make a difference at all because I already knew what I wanted..No amount of competition can change that..That feels so much like high school..Aren't there women out there who are out of that immature phase?

I'm sure there are women who are beyond that, but there's a lot who aren't - especially in their early 20s.