I Want A Girlfriend, Yet I Love To Be Alone?

I don't know, it's weird, I like to do my own thing, be alone, I don't like to go out a lot, yet, I'd like to find a girl to chill with sometimes, text more frequently than just a friend, all that ****. But at the same time, I really don't. Is anyone else this way, or am I just weird as ****?
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5 Responses Jan 7, 2013

I feel the same way, except I want a boyfriend. The last relationship I had didn't go so well because I wanted to be alone and have him there at the same time. Maybe it was just me being selfish or whatever but after 2 months, broke up with him because we wanted different things out of our relationship.

I'm a girl, and I feel the same way. It'd be cool to chill with a guy every now and then. I don't understand the couples that just make out ALL the time. Um, no. I need someone to talk to and enjoy some chill music with.

Your not weird. I am 29 and I feel the same way. I love the perks of being single, I love doing what I want when I want and not having to answer to anybody. But at the same time I miss the companionship of a man. Its safe to say I dont want just sex, but dont want a relationship, so id call it "one step above a friend with benefit" lol not sure how else to describe it. I miss being wanted by a man, but like you said, I do enjoy being by myself and staying in.

I agree.

I know I feel this way and i will be 36 soon sometimes it is more fun to snuggle with someone under the blankets than going out