My Love

ok so i fell inlove with this girl and she is the most wonderful girl in the world to me she's a dream come true. I love her with all my heart but the problem is that she's straight :( me and her were together for a week and she said she was just experimenting with me to see if she was a lesbian. it hurt me that i was just her toy but for some reason i still love and want her. I'm hopelessly inlove with her but i relize she's never going to come back to me in that way at least were friends but we rarely talk to each other i miss her every day. I just want her back you know what i mean it ******* sucks *** that i can't have her and i see her with other guys and their so ******* lucky they get to have her unlike me.At least i was with her for a week and i got to love her for that long. She knows how i feel about her i'v told her a million times. She was my first love. ever since then i'v been single and depressed and i'v been on anti-deppresants. Because of everything around me and i can't let her go. No one wants me, no one wants to be with me. All i want is to be loved and no one will it really sucks.
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13-15, F
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Aww :( well if you ever want to talk just message me...

You're young and surely even you know that you will find someone that wants to be with you for you, She used you ti experiment with and that would have been fine if you knew of her intentions. but I think you're personally better off.

that's true thanks