I Want A Girl Who I Like Is That Too Much Too Ask?

Hi i live in the Uk ok im getting old im 40 and still live at home with my Mother im very alone in my life.(read my confession) this Girl likes me i have known her for years but I dont find her attractive but she likes me.I am a Man who had no luck with Women in my younger days
Now im on the shelf My friends have gone my Mother and Brother are telling me to get together
with her. But she has a couple of teeth missing which affects a smile and she swears too much
plus she smokes pot i personally do not like it. Do i take her out of desperation?
Or do I get on with my life and try and find somebody who i like help me please.
defoekeane defoekeane
36-40, M
4 Responses Jan 10, 2013

I don't think its very nice or very fair to just get with the girl out of "desperation." She is a real person with real feelings too. Personally I don't think a few missing teeth is that big of a deal since they can be replaced....maybe you should ask her not to swear in front of you as it is offensive to you...as for the pot habit...that can be dealt with too.

You need to discover yourself. I'm not sure your circumstance but it isn't attractive to anyone a man who still lives at home. A guy with independence is what is going to attract the ladies better. You need to get yourself out of your Mother's house, get your own place or find a place with buddies (roommates will make it cheaper), maybe buy a new wardrobe..you need to come off with self-confidence.

Do not give in to desperation, it will only work for a little while.

dont give nobody can make your mind up for pot is very very bad to the body

age dont matter i single id like to chat sometime if you want hmu

thanks hun

no problem we should talk some time get to know each other better if my age dont scare u