Keep Getting Passed Up.

I’m 23 and own a business so I’m financially stable, I enjoy intelligent conversations, and I’m respectful to the girl I’m in a relationship with. Yet time and time again they pass me over or leave me to be with a guy that is too lazy to work, uses his “girlfriend” for a free ride and to get laid. There only advantage over me that I see is they are skinner then I am. In some ways I’m confused and happy and sad at the same time. After they get knocked up and/or dumped them come crying back saying they never seen it coming (despite my warnings). I just reply sorry this ship has sailed, you had your chance see ya.
blacklegend blacklegend
22-25, M
1 Response Jan 16, 2013

Good post! I have seen it too much. Most women do not like to be treated with respect for some unknown reason. Are there exceptions? Sure. Not many but they are out there and I have dated them. Hang in there!