for ages ive just wanted a girlfriend, but lack of confidence always seems to get in the way...plus it seems i only get interest from the slutty sort, which i have no respect for or much interest in. i guess music and alcohol has been my subsitiute for a girlfriend...but thats getting old now...

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Thanks Nauraushaun, i hope the best for you too.

Same here, the only few girls ive 'hooked up' with have been drunk slutts at random parties but they offer no real emotional connection or relathionship which is something that i long for. And very simialer to you, music, weed, and my dog have kept me busy and have helped with the loneliness but just like you said it gets old quick an now more than ever I just need someone who understands me and who will hold me and love me as much as I will love them<br />
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I really hope everything works out for you, I hope you find that special someone. And hope that my comment just lets you know that you are not alone<br />
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music and alcohol has always been a substitute for a bf for me, crap doesnt it suck people think i am weird