Its Been Awhile... So Lonely

Okay, first off its been a year and 2 months since I've been physical with a woman.. and to be honest 2008 was the worst year of my life with 2007 being the best year of my life.  I just dont get how your life can take a dump from being at your peak one year to rock bottom the next.  2007 I actually had 4 awesome relationships (while they were shortlived, they were filled with many awesome memories) and I just always had many many things to do.. traveled all around the southeast united states.. went out to eat and to parties and countless movies and even went to my first concert.  2008 I did absolutely nothing.. I can count on one hand how many times I went out in 2008.. I just feel so pathetic and I need a girlfriend more than anything right now.. could my problem be that I'm just too broke/no vehicle to get around in and no phone to boot or could it be something else?  please leave your thoughts and if you have read this far, I thank you :)

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wow, 2008 has been a tough year for me aswell. i think that if a girl doesnt want you just because of how much money you have then forget her, would you rather have a girl like you for your money like all those 90 year old millionaires with some bimbo waiting for them to croak? to be completely honest, i hate having boyfriends with a lot of money. its really wierd, and i cant explain it but whenever i see a guy with a brand new 50000 dollar car or if hes showing off his expensive electronics i get really annoyed and turned off. whenever i see a guy driving a car that barely starts, for some reason im attracted to that. i find that guys who actually have to work for their money are much more down to earth. i would rather receive a teddy bear or something he made from a guy over something expensive that he put no thought to. im not lieing. dont give up, maybe your just meeting the wrong girls.

Financial situations do have a basis for a relationship, i've been dating my boyfriend now for about a year and 3 months, and during this time he's had a job probably for about hte last 4 or 5 months, it put a huge stress on our relationship because i've been working my *** off to make sure that we could always go bowling or go out to eat, or that i'd have enough money to drive him around or buy all the booze or whatever we wanted to do.. until recently i got extremely fed up with it.<br />
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I think that when your in highschool though it doesn't really have that big of an impact on it. When you get into the world, where you have to pay bills, and your main priority cant be supporting your spouse jsut because "they want to have fun".<br />
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I dont think that the problem is of your finacial situation though, i think that sometimes, people just grow up, and you loose your fun, especially when you get older, 06, 07, and partially of 08 were the BEST and the WORST years of my life.. i dropped out of school in 07 and was like hell yeah i'm gonna party and have fun, i went on 4 or 5 different trips with my friends, just did a ton of drugs, and drank, and was completely care free, now i have to work, no drugs for work because i cant loose my job, alcohol is expensive, and trips are even more expensive. **** money, Live free.

I am here to see the ladies' comments

Financial situations should be no basis for a good relationship, and any girl who thinks it should be is way off... you need someone who treats you right, and who you enjoy being with. I, personally, don't think there is such a thing as a guy being "too" nice... if a girl is lucky to get a good looking, nice guy, like yourself, they should hold onto him because guys like that are few and far between!

Thanks cheri, I really appreciate that :) Looks really havent been my problem.. its just my current financial situation and the fact that I tend to be too nice to the women I date so they get bored with me. guess I'm a winner at a losing game

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First just want you to know you're very attractive man,and second I'm sure you will meet the right girl one day :-)

Thanks candita, glad to know someone else feels the same way.. and you aint kiddin, it IS easier said than done lol.

My last relationship was three years ago and i'm asking myself the same questions as u are ...but i think things just happen at the right time ...when they are suppose to happen, so maybe we just need to enjoy life as it is right now....easier said than done of course.