Who will watch anime with me and snuggle. Go and Coaplay in matching costumes. To play Pokemon with me and not hold back. To be support I've with what I do. Is that too much to ask?
gradyjellyneck gradyjellyneck
18-21, M
2 Responses Aug 16, 2014

XD uh-oh. you are gonna get a TON of girls commin your way buddy.

Pft. Yeah right!

What?! Buddy, i know i would totally want that. I cant even FATHOM how many girls are out there that would go for that :3

Haha okay. When are we gonna battle Lil Missy?

oh gosh XD weeeeeelllll...... as soon as i find my X version? i have other versions too but my pokemon aren't that great in the ones i can still find 3:

Okay. Just message me when your ready. I am chaining for a shiny zoark right meow

Right meow?? oh gosh you didnt just XD

What too cheesy for you? Woof crowd....

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Thank you I try.