I'd like to have a girlfriend, but I've been told I'm too nice, but my question is why would you want someone who treats you like crap, gets you mad, doesn't care about you as much as you may care about them, and just isn't nice?
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I swear you are my copy!!!?

Those types of girls suck. I would only date nice guys because they are NICE!! I hate ********

Idk why they go for them, but that's their choice I guess

It's a stupid choice but still their decision, good luck

Yeah, and thanks!

Same situation as you man just wait till college bud

Because females, and i use females as a replacement for girls, cuz thats what a majority of would be women are, just girls with a womans body, want drama....not love, not caring or support, they want to be a center of mass attention, the constant break ups, fighting and crying makes everyone avert their eyes to her relationship, and her in general. The more drama you can create the more girls will want you. BUT, the more you focus on you, and your life, the more WOMEN will want you, sometimes the present has to be sacrificed in order to ensure a future with happiness. Women are who you should be worried about, not "girls".


You don't need a relationship with those types of girls. Or at all for that matter really. Those types of girls don't like that about the guy usually, they like other things and just put up with that. Unfortunately being "nice" isn't valued as much as it should be in comparison to other things like money and power. They see weakness in kindness instead of peace, like you and i see.

That's very true

How about you do that? Your the one wasting our time and spending yours trying to ruin this post

Jack *** lol...

Yeah, well maybe it's because I won't ever be able to so you go do your own thing and leave unless you have something nice to say this app is ruined because of people like you

I think it's not seeing as I have no friends and no one likes me for no reason

I'm pretty sure I have no friends and no one ever wants to talk to me, I think that's kind of obvious

I don't like saying things about other people like that which is why I didn't refer to you

No they all want jerks which is what this post is about, nice guys finish last and I'm just going to give up and I've accepted the fact of dying alone a long time ago and never being in a relationship with anyone

It wouldn't matter, no one would want me, no one does unless they need something, plus I'm too shy to ever ask a girl out and I'm a pessimist so anytime I ever feel like I could something it all goes to crap and my brain messes everything up and I'm not an interesting person or anything, you could say I'm nothing especially in this big world that keeps growing in population

It's just hard to do when you've had no one like you most of your life

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Well there's being nice and being a pushover. You obviously are the good guy and treat your women right, but you can't let them walk all over you. You have to be more assertive.

Yeah that's true, but I just haven't ever had a reason to say anything before

Ya me to