A Goal With a Deadline

ok folks I have set this as a goal, deadline December 1. Who else is going to set this goal?
ChickenMan ChickenMan
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5 Responses Oct 3, 2007

Instead of a date, try keeping a season.. like Spring or Summer. You have a broader range of time and less pressure.

it is not Good.God not allow it

Sounds like a nice plan but what will you do if your deadline is close and you haven't found anyone yet? You can't really force anyone to fall for you... but showing some drive is nice, good luck!

I would say I am on board with you but it would be hollow. I have made these sort of pacts before and it never happens. Good luck though!!

Smart goal! That's mine to! Lol, by Xmas, well not get a gf. Lol a bf... Just be smart about it ok and good luck ~smiles~