No Luck So Far

***Well I've never had one and I'm not proud of that. I will be 20 next summer and I've haven't had one yet. It makes me feel immature or like a minor. I have had like a million crushes but most of the time I'm not good enough or else I'm too shy. I could really use someone to spend time with and feel close to. Someone beside just friends.***


This story sucks. I hate stories like this. This is not who I am anymore. I don't need your pity people, I believe in myself now. I have changed since I wrote this story. Hakuna Matata baby!

Wraither Wraither
22-25, M
4 Responses Nov 5, 2007

Yeah for sure. I felt bad when I read that story, walking around telling yourself that you're not good enough is as wrong as something can get. Well I haven't gotten many actual results yet but I have improved my self image and my social skills enormously since I first wrote this story. Wooow, I feel good! I knew that I would!

almost one year since you wrote this, any developments?? :)

it [not having had a boyfriend] used to make me feel somewhat childish and immature, not to mention the fact that my therapists used to judge me as such for not having intimate emotional relationships (yeah, that kinda pissed me off- I hated them sometimes). I go back and forth between being ok with it and being self-conscious, but overall, I think I'm ok. It can be really hard when you're shy, and it doesn't mean you're not good enough. It just hasn't happened yet..

You are such a lovely boy, i have trouble imagining what can make you think you are not good enough for someone. Any girl will be incredibly lucky to get to spend time with you. :) Don't be shy.