In My Dreams.. I Do

I'm quite sure I am alot like all of you other ladies that post and are part of the "I Want a Girlfriend" group.  In dreams at night, or right before sleep takes me, I have found her.  When I read my  book "Driftwood".. I have found her, In my musings with my music, and my singing, I sing to her, and I have found her.  I find myself thinking about the "her" of my dreams daily.  The little things we would do together, that would seem quite mundane to another who didnt share my heart.  Like sharing a glass of wine while I sat crossed legged across from her, and she told me about her day, and I mine to her.  While we laughed, giggled, touched and absorbed each others presence and energies.  I look into her eyes, and she really, really looks into mine, but not just looks at me, she see's me.  She knows who I am like no one ever did before in my life. I blush, I tease, and If I say the right thng at the right time, she blushes back.  I feel alive, I feel accepted, I feel like me.. The real me.. the Authentic me...But for now, its only in dreams.. But these dreams carry me, they keep me hopeful that she is out there somewhere, and for as long as I have been wanting this what is one more day, one more second, one more minute without her, I can wait, because she is there, and she will be well worth the wait... But for now.. I have my dreams... And no one can take those from me.

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4 Responses Apr 6, 2010

that was awesome!!! you will find it because you are awesome and write cool stuff like that... chicks dig creative people ;)

Thankyou cuuteepie, that was very kind of you to say. All my best to you in fullfilled dreams as well..

I hope you find what you're looking for Cinderella ... you have a beautiful and touching way of describing your dreams -- I hope they come true for you :)

Thankyou Scandal.. My wish for you is the very same thing... Peace..