A Sore Bottom.

Good old fashioned spanking should always leave you with a sore bottom. It used to happen regularly to boys, not so much now, but to adults boys (like me) it still happens and I love it. Dressed in my school uniform with short trousers - very short, they make me really feel like a schoolboy, a very naughty schoolboy. Dressed like that I get the hairbrush or the razor strop at home at night, before bed with my pyjama pants down (they are shorty pyjamas) if I have been naughty that day or have a bad school, report. After that with a very sore bottom I **** myself to sleep.
At school it would be the cane. I have a pretend Headmaster Study and if I have done something bad I have to report there. The Headmaster is really strict. He makes me take off my trousers and underpants, fold them neatly and place them on a table there for exactly that purpose. I have to tuck up my shirt tails (front as well as back) into my school jumper and then stand in shame with hands on head as he gives me a blistering lecture while walking round and round me flicking my legs with his cane to emphasize what he is saying, even sometimes flicking my **** demanding to know how often I play with it ! Then he positions me, fussing over how apart my legs should be, whether I touch toes or grip ankles, he pulls my jumper right up my back as far as possible, he carresses my bottom a bit while he finishes the lecture, then he stands back and starts ! Usually 6, sometimes 12, even 15 one day when he thought I had been wanking myself too much. Anyway after it was over I have to stand facing the wall outside in the corridor for half an hour before I am allowed to put on my pants. Well, that's the way I still play the game of a "Good Old Fashioned Spanking".
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I could-----but I won't.

yes the one being spank should be very sore an very red also<br />
the spanking shold be till you are kicking around an or crying<br />
when i get mine i kick like when i was 6 years old <br />
most my spankings at night pj bottoms pulldown get my spanking ansent to bed usually sleep bare *** on my tummy after the sapnking

I totally agree that a spanking should always leave the receiver with something to sit and think about. Personally I favour the strap for boys and girls and for serious matters this should be given just before bedtime and with the offender in PJ's. I am also especially pleased if half way through the session they are unable to do anything other than to perform the spank dance, hopping from foot to foot and rubbing an already sore rear, with the grim reality to face that the punishment is no where near concluded.