Friday Was For Spelling And Spanking

One of my alter ego states is as Susanne a 1950’s eleven year old school girl it is inevitable that I have to accept that I can expect to get a spanking from my teacher on occasions. Often these are very often for issues which by today’s standards would not of course earn such severe sanctions if any sanction at all. One such example would be for poor spelling in that I did badly in the weekly spelling test, the scenario being a very authentic situation many of us who were at school in the fifties and sixties will remember.

Generally what happened then was that at the beginning of the week you were given a list of about twenty words to learn to spell by the following Friday. Woe betide any pupil who did not achieve a target score of correct spellings, usually about fifteen out of the twenty.
In such a case the pupil involved could expect to be hauled before the class and made an example of being given either a sharp smack to your bottom or bare legs or even be sent to the headmaster where you expected strokes of the cane. Repeat offenders being punished more severely than those who only slipped up the once.

On this occasion poor Susanne has had the misfortune to get less than her required fifteen right for the past three weeks scoring 12, 11, and 10 during the weeks concerned.

“Come out here Susanne,” the matronly teacher Mrs Brown commands me, slowly I rise smoothing the skirt of my thin cotton school dress over my knickers, well aware I am in serious trouble. Last week I had my legs soundly slapped and I know I can accept more of the same after a sharp scolding made all the worse since Mrs. Brown has clearly formed the opinion I have done little to learn my words. What makes matters worse this week is that I am the only pupil in the class to fall short of the expected standard. I have to stand there on my own and face her fierce tongue.

“Very well,” she says at last, “This week I am going to give you a lesson that you will not forget my girl!”

Quickly I find myself being hauled unceremoniously over my teacher’s knee feeling my skirt being raised as my head is forced down over her ample tweed skirt clad lap.
Smack! The teacher’s hand lands hard across my bottom.
Smack! – Smack! – Smack!
My thin cotton knickers offer little protection as the smacks come down in full view of the watching class.
“Boo hoo!” I sob “Boooo hooooo!”
To no avail, Smack! – Smack! – Smack!
The smacks continue for a while until sobbing and squirming and dancing I am sent to the corner in disgrace.
There dejected and shamed I am sent to the corner humiliated and sobbing wanting to dance and wanting to rub from the pain of my punishment. It will be some time later before the pain and humiliation of that morning subside.

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That is very much the way I remember it. We didn't always think it fun at the time but that is the way it was and the world was imho a far better place for kids than today, despite the punishments. Would love to live those days again.