I Want A Public Caning In Nyc For My Birthday Next Weekend

Its my birthday next weekend. For the occasion I ordered a cane. Not any cane but a reproduction of the Singapore Punishment canes used to punish offenders in Singapore. My wife is willing to use it on me and give me 50 strikes though it is a bit large for her as she is a very slender Chinese lady. She will have me dress in a thong and stockings and bra just to add to the humiliation. However my fantasy has always been to get the big cane in a public setting, somewhere with a crowd of onlookers. I'd be bent over, tied and then thrashed severely with the cane while people enjoyed my torment and admired my welts. Is that so wrong? I am in NYC and I'd love to have some folks come watch and perhaps even participate.
howie2763 howie2763
1 Response Jan 19, 2013

Such a shame you aren't in NYC to show her how its done :(