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Bare Bottom Over The Knee

The first time I got spanked the guy I was with made me undress in front of him. I was standing with my back to him when he ordered my pants down. He then made me lay across his knee and spanked my bare bottom red and hot. I have to admit to unloading myself into his lap, this was remembered the next time when he really marked my bottom. The second time the redness took about three days to subside.

Unfortunately he has moved house now and I am in desperate need to have my bottom seen to again.

Poobottom Poobottom 51-55, M 6 Responses Oct 20, 2009

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i love this too

Like to do that to you.

i had that few times myself till me moved also<br />
at first nervouse barein my bottom but once naked an over his keens getting my butt blistered good forgot all about being shy an naked more na more i went the longer the redness took to go away

I feel you. I am looking for a man with big strong hands right now. If I find one I would be happy to share. (Women can apply also, {blush} )

i need a sore bottom right now bu ti got no one to do it for me

I know how you feel as i also would like a red bottom, I hope you find somebody soon, although I feel like you would always be happy to help out.