Parental Spanking

I learned to like the spankings I got as a child from my Mum.  The mere act of lowering trousers and pants and lying across her knee was thrilling enough,  without the sensual feel of her hand smacking my bare bottom.  Me lying prostrate across her knee is one of the memorable moments in childhood.  I still have that need but finding suitable spankers is difficult.

Bottomly Bottomly
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Ha Ha, I sometimes used to gode my mum until she spanked me!, however once or twice I regretted it as i'd gone too far and ended up getting the strap!!

you got what you Deserved NaughtyMan

Ah David,<br />
I cannot agree more with you. It is almost as good as sex. Fortunately my wife does it for me.

i was spank bare bottom by my mom all growing up even as teen ager it got embrassing when i got excited going over her kenes kicking crying<br />
i enjoy my spanking she gave me an all the years after that seek out for women to spank me <br />
i dont like self spanking an have been spank by men but so much different feeling an emotional being spank b women

Callum, we in South Africa have many fruit trees in our gardens, so I know exactly what you referring to!<br />
We ALSO launched the fruit to people who passed by in the street, resulting in the same 'treatment' that you received, if we were caught. (My previous name was Oupa)

one of the worst spankings i recieved was off my mother i was coming home from school one day and me and my mates were being trouble makers no change there we were up a fruit tree throwing it at houses and covered some1s laundry they saw me and new my mother she came round to my house i got a grillin of my mum thought that was the end how wrong was i she made me take all my clothes off rite down to the underwear and bend over her knee boy didnt she lay in to my bare bottom with the lady sat next to me watchin with a smile on her face whilst i had tears streamin down my face, admittedly i never did anything like it again but also struggled to sit down 4 while

Happy spankings Lynsey!

Wow I should feel honoured then that I get the chance to be across my Mum or Dad's knee.<br />
I am a young teeneager and so now and again (not too often) it is one of those days when everything goes wrong and I end up in the very same situation as you want to be.<br />
<br />
Mind you for a 14 year old a parents hand spanking on the bare bottom can have painful results, it is not all fun LOL<br />
<br />
Imaging lying there bawling away trying to keep your bottom still just so the parent can keep smacking it I know ................. Happy Days<br />
<br />
Still it is all part of the process which starts with the lecture, underwear down and a sore bum.<br />
Thankfully my parents cannot read this !!!!!!<br />
<br />
Happy to chat about it though<br />
<br />

it is nice to know that a young girl can an will accpet her spankings for punishment,they just doing it for your own good an you never know you must just turn out to like being spank like so many ohters,,,im proud of you thanks for writing

thanks for that srory am in the same situation as you enjoy being spanked by females,barebottomed. Am looking for a female into spanking like me.

Yes Bottomly, writing is far more difficult, than speaking or understanding. I think Afrikaans is easier than Dutch (we call it Hollands), because we don't have all the verb and tens? changes.<br />
Al tijd achter, A. = altyd agter; aub, A. = asb = asseblief.<br />
Regards as usual, A. = agtend (groete) soos gewoonlik :)

Thats okay Oupa. I can probably say that I am near conversational when speaking. Writing is a little more difficult. I cannot seem to get my head round ythe Verb issue, al tijd achter<br />
<br />
<br />
So the whole sentence becomes nonsense when your translate literaly into English. Still I am trying and getting there aub<br />
<br />
Regards as usual

No problem, Bottomly.<br />
I'm sorry on presuming that you were Dutch-speaking. Vlaams (Flemish? / Belgium) and Afrikaans are very near to each other. To learn a new language on our age is not easy!

Sorry Oupa I did not see your message. I do speak sme Dutch. I am English and moved here 9 years ago. I have not ,made a great attempt at the language but I am getting there. So I do not speak Afrikaans sadly

B, sorry for asking the Q on your spanking love, in your other story. You actually answered it in this story.<br />
I presume you are speaking Nederlands, so maybe you would understand Afrikaans?<br />
Laat dit goed gaan, ons praat weer,<br />

I am in the Netherlands so it would not be possible, nice thought though

Nice having a really sore bottom though !!! it was painful but soon after, the sensual feelings came during and after the spanking.