Group Of Women To Babysit Me

I want them to force me in adultbaby clothes and put me in an adultbaby stroller with a bottle and pacifer and take me out on a day in town. And changing my diapers when wet. I wanna be humiliated by them.
Babyleanna1975 Babyleanna1975
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2 Responses Nov 30, 2012

So do i


It shouldn't be too hard to that. Just invite some girls to a Tupperware party or similar party and let them know you like to wear diapers. Or you could wear a big bulky one under some sweats and let them see the bulky diaper and here you walk around in your plastic pants.
I guarantee a few of the girls will want to see more.
Make sure you smell like a baby too, that helps. It seems like when a few girls get together they always get naughty.
I had a similar one where I was wearing a diaper and frilly plastic pants under my dress and Jenny had me parade around in front of her girl friends when they came for a Avon meeting. What fun they had and I too was totally humiliated.
It just depends on how bad you need and want to be in diapers.