Best Night Last Night

last night i got home late and my mom had her friend over and they were drinking. i went upstairs to take a shower and i came down into the living room and they were sitting there making out. i was like what are you doing? they turned and said come join us we are lonely. so i did. i sat down and my moms friend immedietly put her hand on my crotch and started rubbing it. my mom said to her my boys got a big hard **** and he knows how to use it. i was just sitting there wondering if this was a dream. they both took their shirts and bras off and shoved their big titts in my face. i was sucking on my moms hard nipple and playing with her friends titt thwn her friend slid my pants off and my boxers off then started to blow me. it was great. my mom took her dress and thong off and started to finger her wet *****. her friend took her dress off too and shes got a nice big *** and she sat it down on my **** and bounced up and down with her big *** cheeks clapping on my ****. after my mom got on it and i ****** her whille i was eating out her friend who i ended up ******* all over her face and titts. my mom licked the *** off and swallowed it. then my mom opened her legs and her friend ate her out while i pounded my **** into her tight *******. she moaned loud then turned around and squirted all over me and my mom
jhockey30 jhockey30
18-21, M
Dec 6, 2012