Want A Real Brutal Gang Rape

Beaten up SUPER badly, raped viciously, body disposed of as they all walk away laughing and high-fiving. i might be able to travel!
beckytastic beckytastic
18-21, F
6 Responses Jan 8, 2013

omg i luv when they laff n hi5 after!

Ohhhh, I wouldn't mind having this done to me either. The longer it lasts the better though. Being beaten up and raped has always been a big fantasy.

Rape me I'm tight 5'4 115lbs long dark hair tan, very controllable

This sounds do-able
where you at?? message me and we could make something happen ;)

Where u at?

I ll meet with four or more men over 45yo

hot! message me! i want a GF just like you who is into rape!