Wishing I Had More Close Friends.

I'm feeling very lonely tonight,
I wish that I had more close friends
but its hard for me to get close to people,
and it seems everytime I do try to meet new
people they just blow me off, was suppose to meet a new friend
that i found online, she lives in my town
but i havent heard anymore back from her since my last
maybe i just wasnt meant to have friends

Glitzlyn Glitzlyn
26-30, F
2 Responses Jul 22, 2010

Of course everyone deserves to have good friends. I would like to be your friend and look forward to hearing from you.

Everyone deserves to have friends, I can relate to you on people blowing me off.. I ask to get together with them and I don't get an answer out of them. It makes me mad. I just learn it not worth the time to worry about those rude people.:) If we live in the same state, I be more then Happy to get together with you.:)