I Need To Revise My Friends On Ep.

I touched on this point in a private blog to my friends on EP.

I want my list to contain only those people who I am in fairly regular contact with and my list is running away from me.I do not want to appear callous or cold towards people however I have stupidly accepted too many people into my circle who have sent an invite,so as not to be rude I have accepted the invite and from a large majority I have never heard from them again.Now I am in the silly situation of having not a clue who half of these people are.

I am going to have to take a long look at my list and note down who my real friends are and take the others out of my circle.I will of course send a private message to them explaining my reasons and wishing them well.

I look at some peoples lists and in a few cases there are literally thousands of friends.I am not having a go at them,if they can manage such a list I take my hat off to them,alas I do not have that ability.

My real friends,you know who you are,if you see this rest assured nothing will change,it is simply my best method of coping with numbers and aiding me in my communication.

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4 Responses Jul 26, 2010

To Iwanttogrowmyown...yes I never thought of using the fan option,wish I had,would not be in the mess I am in now.Are you a keen gardener,i LOVE IT !

Loveyl answer,get in touch if you mean what you say,thank you.

I am willing to be your friend, i believe a friend is one who brings out the best in someone. i believe friendship is all about love, trust and understanding.

I keep my circle tight too... I just asked a question about 'collecting friends', as that's what they called it on MySpace when people had thousands of friends. I simply can't do it either. I am here for social interaction, I want contact with people because I can't get out and do much socializing in my daily life. <br />
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I think it's nice that you message people and let them know what's happening. There are a lot of people who would simply remove friends without any explanation, leaving people wondering what happened. <br />
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