Trust Issue

i have a huge trust issue with everyone even the family. and when i find someone who i think i can trust they turn around and backstab me like always. i truley want a couple of friends i can talk to without being label like "emo, goth, preppy" i want friends who dont mind what i dress like, my fav music and color, and what color my hair is. but in these days you have to dress a certain way or you wont fit in and be made fun of!
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4 Responses Mar 26, 2007

In high school, I used to hang around the boys because the girls would be the ones constantly stabbing you in the back. I was the nerd for all of it, but when it came down to it, I was also the one people came to when things got tough. Once I comfoted this girl in the bathrooms over lunch because she had been ganged up on, and when I got out one of the bullies asked me if she'd killed herself yet! Dispicable.
Just wait until you get to university, its much better! In the meantime, **** the gossip system, who you are is the best!

I'll be your friend, if you want me. I understand what you mean about the backstabbing thing. All my friends (which I can count on one hand) have all stabbed me in the back, or worse. I don't care how you dress (I have awful taste), your favourite music (again, I rule when it comes to bad taste) and I often get labelled and I FREAKIN HATE IT. Anyway, if you want someone to chat to just message me :)

i can kinda relate with the trust issue.cause i have had so much go on through out my life. but dont worry about all the clique and everything jsut be your self. and make friends for that and if they dont like you for how you are forget them. just be your self.

*sounds stupid* Ill be your friend!! =] Seriously. I know how you feel... I have had the same experience... especially recently!! I'm tired of backstabbing. I think knowing people on the internet helps with that =] message me or something... we can complain about being labelled together :P