Wouldn't It Be Nice To Have Some True Friends In One's Family?

I have a huge family and some are in other countries but I've tried to meet many of them.
One cousin who I made sure I met a couple of years ago, and have kept in touch with over facebook - is getting married. I got this email from him - saying that although he thinks I wont be able to make it, he'd like to send me an invitation anyway.
I just wasn't sure whether this was backhanded - 'don't come' ? What the?

Actually, its possible I'll be in that country at that time as another friend - a facebook only friend - has invited me to her place over summer - a house on an island - I won't say any more. I realise my facebook friend is a treasure!!!

I feel strange about my cousin's invitation - what do you all think - is this just clumsy or does he NOT want me to come?
Pavlova8 Pavlova8
May 7, 2012