A Real Best Friend...

I am on university and im living in a frat house. I used to be in a friend group of 5 but lately (3 years later) it has narrowed down to just 2 and sometimes 3.

It is usally just me and this one friend. We spend all our time together, we think exacly the same and sometimes we even finish each others sentences. (Not a gay relationship)This is great and everything but we have never opened up to each other. Lately I find that this type of closeness can become irritating....

The sad thing is that when I think about it, I would miss him if he left... but it would not emotionally make a huge diffenence to me.

I would like to really get to know whats going on in his head on a deeper level and to appriciate him.
Dan13l Dan13l
18-21, M
May 13, 2012