What About Me?

everyone loves when people give you a gift when is your birthday or even remember when is your birthday and give you at least a hug or sing you the happy birthday song.well today was a ''friend'' birthday everyone sang to her and even gave her presents , but when it was my birthday only one of my ''friend'' remember that it was my birthday and she tell the rest of the people in school but they didn't even bother in singing me at least giving me a hug.is not that I'm jealous or selfish but everyone loves to be love by others and feel special ,and by the way I'm a really shy girl and I'm a nice girl too.since my birthday past and every time its somebody's birthday at school and sang to them i feel sad and different from others.i use to love when my birthday was coming but know i just wish that i was never born if i was going to feel sad when that day comes.
mollyfer mollyfer
May 17, 2012