Commando For The Weekend

One weekend, my parents went to our holiday home, in the south of France, just of Monaco. They were going there to clear it out a bit, and get out of England for a bank holiday. They said that I shall stay here, and look after myself. I was happy with that. I mean I can cook - noodles and burnt toast - and I am not disabled, so I can have a shower every day.

Before they left, they said their goodbyes, and mentioned that I have clean clothes for each day - I am not good with the washing machine. Unfortunately, after they left, I went into my wardrobe to find no underwear. They were all dirty. I panicked, thinking what to do next, until I reached a verdict not to wear any at all. I will go commando for the time my parents were back. They will get me some clean ones when they return. (This isn't the first time I have had no underwear, and had to go commando. Read this:

Anyway, at that moment, I thought not to wear them now, so I took of my trousers, then my underwear, and placed back on my jeans. It did feel really good not to have the restriction of undies, compacting my gentleman's region. I went out to walk the dogs shortly afterwards, and the breeze of the wing was a fantastic new sensation. I was thinking to never wearing them again. But no, I still wear them, except for holidays.

Soon, after three days, my parents returned. They asked my if I was OK for that time, to which I replied: yes. I was planning to say that I wore no underwear, thanks to you forgetting to wash them, but no, I went commando for the rest of the day.
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1 Response May 19, 2012

Thats cool haha ...... I would love to have my house to myself for a whole weekend.... that would be a perfect chance for me to go commando