Friendships And Marriages Should Come With a 'Contract'

What if marriages and friendships should be addressed through a contracts.

Let's talk of friendship for a minute.

What if 2 individuals (once they each other for a bit and ready to take it to the next level) - sign up for:

I want to be your friend for
(a) 2 weeks,
(b ) 1 month
(c) 6 month
(d) 1 year and so on.

With this both the parties understand that once the contract is over, then there is no pain, no expectation, no grief, no sorrow, no misunderstanding , no assumptions, no guilt feelings, and each party walks away happy.
During the relation - both parties are bound to the contract and will know that if the relation is not kept clean then the contract is broken and not renewed.
e:g If the guy really likes the gal ( or the other way around) and wants to retain the 'friendship contract' - this contract will keep things in order. Otherwise the contract may NOT be renewed and he might lose her.

Of course, the side effects have to be addressed too:
What if the gal nearing the end of the contract or before the contract expires signs up new friends - then it clearly gives a message that she is not going to renew the friendship. The guy is now free to let this expire and search for a new one.

Crazy idea huh ?

What if the minister at the holy place of matrimony says that he is permitted under law to make this alliance and signs them up for 6 years or 2 years - something like that.
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Jun 17, 2012