Having A Rough Time

I don't know why it's been this way but it just has... I've never been one to have those "awesome" friends. I had one and her name was Ellena. I met her in 7th grade because we had lockers close together and we had a few of the same classes and we just clicked. We had a fight our freshman year of high school because we were both heading down dark paths hers was with family issues and mine were with school because I was rebellious and boy crazy. We ended up working things out and becoming great friends again but her family issues got so out of had she ended up running away and i went looking for her. I spent hours just wandering around looking for her and when it finally got to cold out I headed back home. I couldn't sleep because I was so worried for her. A few hours had passed when she came and knocked on our back door. Both of our parents had been divorced and we both lived with our fathers and step mothers (we both hated our step mothers) and I guess that's why we had became such close friends. When we got Ellena back inside I saw how bad she really looked and asked her what happened....she told me that her step mom and her dad were beating her. My dad took her down to the police station because that's where runaways have to go in our town. We lost contact with her for a while when I finally got back in touch with her she was in a foster home until her biological mom could get custody of her. It's been 4 or 5 years since then and I haven't been able to get in touch with her for almost a year now.. ever since that all happened we haven't talked much. She's moved in with her mom and has made new friends and is now engaged. I moved out of my dads house a few weeks after graduation ( i was in class 2011) to live with my boyfriend and his parents ( my boyfriend and I have been together for 3 years). It's very nice up here and I even managed to become friends with my boyfriends friends girlfriends (confusing much?) I thought I was doing good by making some friends up here and I try my hardest to do everything possible with them and help them out like if they need someone to talk to or hang out with I'm always there or if they need a ride I always try to get my bf to help them out ( i can't drive but my bf can) I try hard to maintain conversations with them but sometimes i get to where i just don't know what else to say and I'm not big on talking on the telephone so texting is my thing because it's easier for me and less stressful. It's just most of the time I'm left out of things. Like my friends went to this blueberry festival and I would have loved to go to but I didn't even know there was a festival to begin with. Sometimes they'll go with a big group to the mall and I won't know until hours after they're done. I just really wish I had that good friend to talk to about my worries and issues. I'm not hard to please I don't need someone to buy me things or entertain me.. I'm happy with just sitting around the house playing games or watching t.v. or we can go to the mall and just look around and if you want to buy something that's fine too. I'm not picky with friends I just want that one good friend...
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have to trust, take chances and give your friendship to get it

Im sorry. :( Your story is very emotional and touching to me. It is always hard when you move away from friends, even without all of those extra problems. I too am looking for a true friend, and it would great if we could start a friendship. Message me sometime and I promise to be the best friend i can be. We can talk about anything honestly.

Thank you! It is very hard moving away like that even though the only people I really cared about down there had been my dad and brother. It would be nice to have someone to talk to and become friends with!