Living Up North In New England It's Such A Hard Time Finding Any Friends At All!

I don't know WHY this place is so hostile to people who haven't lived here their WHOLE lives, but it certainly is...
I am having such a hard time finding ANY good friends. Some people TALK to me, but no one really wants to be a good friend in my area.
I'm really regretting having moved to this area, but cannot afford to move away right now.

Wow, there's so many hostile people in our immediate area, so it makes so lonely to live in this place. I hear people getting harassed and threatened many times in our town.
There's just a lot of bullies who live around here, and it's sad, but true.
I even went on a stupid forum that supposed dealt with the local area and asked where to go meet new people and ALL these people on that forum just blasted & flamed me to death, they were picking on me for months.. even the moderator was sticking up for the cyber bullies, so it's been a real bummer living here in Southern New England.
We lived in a much more laid back friendly area of the country before, we were in a very remote spot that had lots of country & mountainous areas to it, and I really miss that too.
Here, all they are concerned about is, keeping up with the Joneses, which I could not care LESS about!
The Joneses don't even talk to me, except to harass & threaten me, so I have gotten to the point I really do NOT want to speak to hardly ANYONE in our immediate area, since so many of them are bullies and *******.
I'm sworn at on a continual basis, when I'm not harming or bothering anyone.
In fact, I'm starting to get a lot of nightmares from the whole experience!
Is there ANYWHERE in Southern New England where you can go to, where people are actually FRIENDLY & want to be friends with you, not just KNOW ALL your personal business, and then talk dirt about you, behind your back?
I'd like to know if there is such a place or area....
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Sep 12, 2012