I Need True Friends

I wish i had a group of true friends that weren't afraid to talk about just about every subject, even "taboo" ones like my bulimia.  I wish I had a friend that understood that and supported me.  I wish I could talk about both negative and positive experiences and have deep serious conversations that aren't one -sided.  I wish someone would share her secrets with me.  I wish i could be friends with more girls like me.
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Yes, me too!

I get that. My friends ended up bullying my because of my bulimia and that I'm bipolar. I found a great group of friends. It's hard to find, and there's no way I can tell you how..but trust me...you'll find them.

That would be a wonderful thing to have but the reality of it is that in our lifetime we only acquire only one or two "TRUE" friends that we can rely on to be open and excepting to our views without judgement!

It's sad that "true" friends are so hard to find. In my experiences, if I tried to open up about a problem I have, instead of helping, they just "console" me. Of course, I understand they don't want to hurt my feelings, but sometimes, its nice to have a friend tell you the truth, regardless of it hurts or not. I guess in my example, i should change the word "true" to "honest".

Hi . I am also bulimic. Ive been so for the past 26 years. noone knows about it. i struggle with it everyday. Im depressed. Im in a marriage I cant stand with a man I dont want to be with. I gues its how i punish myself and reward myself at the same time. But I have no friends either. Lots of verbal abuse towards me by my husband that all the neighbors hear. im lonely .

ive felt like since i was 19 and finished high school, i feel like its hard to find friends that you can not only hang out with have drinks with go shopping with but also go to when your at your worse and you need someone to talk to

I want a friend, to share my toughts, laugh with, make project, drink, and do things that friends do! I want a true friend who understand me as I am!

though i am a boy, I could relate. This might become one of my goals.

All of us can become friends now ...

I wish I can find a friend who doesn't use me and take me for granted.....

You're making me doubt my idea that life can be different outside the island I live on. Living on a small island has its disadvantages - you've got a small community; people know everyone; trust is difficult; freedom of ex<x>pression is limited - you see you have to check whether you're going to trod on somebody else's toes before you react in any way. I had the impression that in countries larger than mine perhaps people would be different - more tolerant; more free. But to not accept a person with bulimia???!!! Or be judgemental??!!

I too understands all what you guys are saying,i am a Pentecostal christian, and i am living in a different country from whwere i was born,and from ever since i can remember, its hard to find a true friend, when you think you find one, and you need to talk to some one so much, so you confide in that person you beleive to be your friend, and when you get to understand,,every thing you told that person is all over the place,all i need is true christian person to talk with as a true friend, and i dont think it's too much to ask.?? God bless you all.

i know what you mean, to a degree. i live in a town where everyone knows your name and they either like you, or hate you. i have no family here, and not any TRUE friends. i got 4 little ones and i rarely get out. life is tough and id LOOOVE to have friends to talk to that wont judge me, or go running to someone else and gossip about everything i say or do.

this is your lucky day then bc a change is coming lets make it a good one . time to show the world what real friendshi is all about.modifier

It saddens me. that this eating disorder affects you so strongly. You are on the right path to seek out true friends that you can talk about it with. You even share this problem with a Princess (Diana). You are wise to come forward with the problem and want to talk about it. I wish I could help, but can only observe. I know that Radiant would be an excellent person to talk and share with, I recommend her highly. She has insight and is walking down the right path now, and could be instrumental in seeking help in this area. My prayers and best wishes are with you.

When I get a chance, I'll share with you how I persoanlly have been able to find and keep a few good friends. Then I will share how I have witnessed others do the same. <br />
<br />
We can all share our experiences and glean from these things that can be helpful. <br />
<br />

I feel very similar about my friends. I've been seriously depressed for five years now and I can't talk to any of them about it. If I tell them I'm having a rough time they just say "I'm sorry honey." and go on with their day. They would also much rather gossip or fight than talk about life and god and philosophy. I feel your pain, it really sucks when you realize you don't have someone who really gets you.

I know what you mean...this site says you should maybe invite your friends to come join so they can get to know you better. I'd be afraid to have my friends read all the stories I've shared on here. I've said things on this site that would be very taboo among my group of friends. I too wish I had some people that could handle discussing all aspects of life, not just what's fun, current, etc.