Love 'em But...

This site says you should maybe invite your friends to come join so they can get to know you better. I'd be afraid to have my friends read all the stories I've shared on here. I've said things on this site that would be very taboo among my group of friends. I too wish I had some people that could handle discussing all aspects of life, not just what's fun, current, etc.  Some friends who would not change the subject or avoid talking about something just b/c it made them a little uncomfortable.  I'd like to have some friends who would care to "push the envelope" with me and talk about anything, good, bad, and SUPER-BAD!!!
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I'm ONLY interested in things that puch the envelope. I know how you feel...I always seem to be overestimating my friend's tolerance for the strange. I have been involved in running sex education weeks, environment weeks, lots of LGBT and feminist activism, and sex worker rights campaigns, and all of these topics are naturally not talked about in my friendship group! It's annoyign sometimes but at least there is always SOMEONE out there :)

RA -- My college years contained such friends. But as an adult, it's been harder to develop such friendships. Maybe my memory of college is distorted, though. It seems to get better the longer I've been away from it.

Thank you gorgeous1, that's sweet....please stick around and I'm sure you'll find come up with some things to tell us. Feel free to message me if you like :)

yeah that would really be nice...still waiting to find some friends like that....guess I need to be more proactive

With friends, you never know until you talk to them. If they leave, you are better off without them. It is probably why I only have a very small handful of friends spread throughout the country.