I Need New Friends

I got friends but I need new ones over the years I have really seen the true nature of the ppl that were supposed to be friends. I'm not saying I'm better then anyone but different situations have showed me that there is a hint of jealousy or having an attitude or when I need to talk to someone it's like all I get is negativity not toward the sitution but toward me like ppl don't care if it ain't them that is going through something. As ppl get older things start to change and it's like I'm moving faster then everyone else and they don't like that. I'm making more mature choices when it comes to my life and they aren't ready to yet so the attitude comes. I need friends that are going to be happy for me when I'm happy. offer a helping hand instead of turning their backs. congratulate me in gaols I've accomplished that I worked so hard for because that is what I do everything for them that they don't  do for me.  treat me the way I treat  them and I don't treat them  with an attitude or  turn away when they need help I don't hate on their happiness. Why do it to me. I need new friends true friends that are there when good or bad times come along. Friends that are going to treat me the way I treat them
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3 Responses Jul 5, 2007

I have always found it annoying when you treat others like you would want to be treated, but you are never treated like that. I understand.

Totally know what you're going through...its happening to me right now too...Hang in there!!

Well i do agree with u here. This is exactly what i've been through in life as well.